About Us

AYSA Mission is “Furthering and Promoting Youth Soccer”

AYSA Vision is “Fostering A Love for Soccer”

AYSA is organized for the purpose of furthering and promoting the sport of youth soccer in the City of Altoona, Iowa, and surrounding areas, through the education, organization and training of youth soccer players and to organize youth soccer teams to compete and participate in soccer at all levels of play.

Our club was established in 1974.  We are an open club which means anyone may join our club.  AYSA is currently a member of the Iowa Soccer Association (ISA), Greater Des Moines Youth Soccer League, Iowa Premier Soccer League (IPSL), and the East Coalition.  AYSA remained a recreational program until 2006 when we started our Select program.  Three years later, we added our Academy program.

We are thankful for our members, proud of our heritage, and look forward to many more years of sponsoring our youth soccer programs.

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