A Team Apparel provides uniforms for AYSA and has been doing so since 2004.   We have a great relationship with A Team and appreciate the service they provide.  A Team is located at 6643 Hwy. 117, Prairie City, IA, 50228.  They handle many products and can cater the products to suit your needs.  To place an order, contact A Team at (515) 994-9244.  You may also visit their website for more information at www.ateamapparel.com.

“AYSA is a great organization.  We our proud to be the provider of Soccer Uniforms, Fan Apparel, and related signage + decals for the club.  A TEAM Employees include SEP students + Altoona residents .… see us on many SUNDAYS @ Spring Creek selling your AYSA GEAR.” — Bruce Burkland, A Team Apparel

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