Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Matt Crowl President 979-2254
Cheryl Hanniford Vice President 480-6012
Jody Evans Registrar 210-0459
Eric Raasch Public Relations 238-9674
Sue Sunvold Field Operations/Referees 974-9608
Donny Wilson Director of Academy 975-6739 
Doug Porter Director of Fields 418-3126
Jessie Schrock Director of Equipment 556-6726
Joel Pritchard Director of Field Maintenance 250-6562
Brett McAllister Director of Recreational Coaches 371-1449
Heidi McDaniels Treasurer 555-5555
Sara Lammers Secretary 555-5555

Our mailing address is AYSA, 212 11th St NW, Altoona, Iowa 50009

Spring Creek Sports Complex is located at 7796 NE 38th Avenue, Altoona, IA, 50009.  Click on the following link for a directional map to Spring Creek Sports Complex : Map_to_Spring_Creek_Soccer_Complex

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