When does the season start and how long is it?

Each season will begin with practices approximately 2 weeks before games begin. Each age group will play 8 games on either Saturday or Sunday depending on age and division. Please see age group division under the Recreation tab for more information.

Approximate season start and end dates:

Spring season: will start the end of March and end the beginning of June.

Fall season: will start the end of August and end the end of October.

When will I hear from my coach?

Once teams are formed and coaches selected, we will have a coaches meeting. At that time the coach will receive his/her roster and will be contacting their players. This process usually takes a month after registration has closed.

Who will coaching my child?

All of our Recreational teams are coached by volunteer parent coaches. The U6 & U8 will have a group practice with one of our professional coaches to help guide and inform our parent coaches on how to conduct a practice session and give them ideas on appropriate skill building drills.  To keep costs down, we rely on all of our volunteer parent coaches.

All coaches must complete a Volunteer Disclosure form with Iowa Soccer and our Alliance 4 All program.

Complete the Volunteer Disclosure Form

Alliance4All Program

How and when do I register my child for soccer?

Our registration process begins up to 4 months before our season starts. The process takes us up to 2 months after registration closes to form teams and get schedules created.  You can use our on-line registration process and pay thru PayPal (PayPal account not required). Also we have a printable form that you can fill out and mail in with payment, and any other documentation that may be required.

Registration dates:

              Spring season: Dec 1st to middle of January

              Fall season: May 1st to middle of June

Do you accept late registrations?

All late registrations will be accepted for two weeks after end of registration, will be on a first come first serve basis and will only be granted if we need to complete a roster. Any late registration not accepted will be refunded the full amount.

What is covered in the cost of my registration?

ASC is a non-profit organization. The registration fee includes Iowa Soccer Association (ISA) registration, medical insurance, referee fees, player cards, field maintenance and equipment, a t-shirt for games for U6 and U8 players, and participation in up to 7 games

Do Board members get paid?

The board is made up of all volunteers, Our Registrar is the only Board member that is paid a very small fee for all of the manual data entry required to get all the players in the system, teams formed and entered into the ISA system.  All other board positions are completely volunteer and are not paid positions.

How are teams formed?

All teams are formed based on an age range within each age group. We do our best to keep younger players and older players together within each age group. Our soccer year begins with the fall season and we will do our best to keep teams together going into the spring season. If you choose to skip a season there is no guarantee you will end up with the same coach the following year.

Can I request a certain coach or make a special request?

We do our best to meet your requests, but there are limitations to the amount of players each team can have.  We cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to a certain coach or be matched with a friend. We will make certain arrangements for siblings if they are registered in the same age group, or would like to play up an age division.

What is the uniform policy?

Uniforms for players U9 and above are not included in the registration fee. Registration fees were reduced to take this into account. By partnering with Goalkick Soccer, You will purchase the rec kit on their website. Links to order your uniform will be provided under the recreation tab.

   The U6 & U8 teams will be issued a t-shirt, included with their registration fee.



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